Jewelry care:


Here are a few tips to maximize the quality of your bamboo jewelry:


  • Treat your jewelry gently and with care.
  • Remove your jewelry before sleeping or exposing to water (showering, swimming, doing dishes, etc).
  • Avoid over-stretching the elastic bracelet band - stretching it over your hands is okay.
  • Avoid direct contact with hairspray, makeup, lotion/sunscreen and perfume.
  • Place your jewelry in a box if traveling or shipping. 


That being said, if anything happens we are happy to repair your piece. Just shoot us an email and let us know the problem.




Can I get my jewelry wet?

We apply an all natural bamboo conditioner which provides a level or protection against the elements, but it is not water proof. Remove your jewelry before exposing to water.


How strong is the bamboo?

We use a 1/8” thick bamboo plywood which is surprisingly strong yet lightweight. While some designs are more delicate than others, we design every piece to reduce weak points so you can wear your jewelry worry free. That being said, bamboo is not indestructible and should be worn and packed with care. 


Are your earrings ok for sensitive ears?

All of our earrings are nickel free and hypoallergenic, great for sensitive ears.


How heavy are the earrings?

Our bamboo earrings (even the larger statement ones) are super light weight and comfortable to wear all day long. 


Can I apply essential oils to all your jewelry?

Do not apply essential oils to pieces that are painted or have brass inlaid as the oils don’t play well with the paint and brass. Pieces in our Essence Collection are specifically designed to absorb and diffuse oils.


How do I apply essential oils?

View our how-to video

The larger the piece, the more drops can be applied. For studs, apply one drop of oil to the front of the bamboo piece. Avoid letting the oil run onto the back of the stud earrings. For dangle earrings and necklaces, apply 1-2 drops. Allow the oil to soak into the bamboo before wearing over clothing.


Will the oil change the color of the bamboo?

The only oils that may slightly darken the color of the bamboo are dark pigmented oils such as Blue Tansy and German Chamomile. 


How long does the scent last?

The stronger the oil, the longer the scent will last, but typically the oils will diffuse for around 1-2 days and can be re-applied daily or as desired.


What about the pandas?

The variety of bamboo that pandas depend on as a food source is different from the larger, industrial, woody variety that we use for our products.